Flip-up Flood Control Dams - Permanent Flood Defenses





To provide unrestricted access to pedestrian and vehicle entrances, this self-rising flood barrier is fully recessed in to the ground when not in use.

Activated by a push button, automatically triggered by sensors, or manually, this flood barrier rises up to provide a flood control dam with heights of 6ft as standard and up to lengths of 40 feet.

Designed to provide totally unrestricted access to pedestrian and vehicle entrances.

A range of surface finishes is available; from skid resistant epoxy coatings to timber cladding or paving to fit in with the external hard landscaping.

These flip-up flood control dams can rise automatically with the rising flood waters or by push button in advance keeping you in control for complete peace of mind. Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) and manual backups mean these flood barriers will not let you down.

A single flip-up flood barrier system can protect openings up to 40 ft wide and multiple systems can be linked with intermediate posts to create a flood defense run of almost any length. Depending on span, flood defense heights of up to 6ft are available.

Movement and weight sensors prevent the barriers opening if the entrance is obstructed whilst optional audio/visual alarms sound prior to and during operation.

Optional 24 volt back-up systems are available for use in the event of mains failure and permanently installed security grates cover the housing pit - serving as both a safety platform for traffic and pedestrians and as protection for the hydraulic system while the barrier remains raised.

These rising flood control dams are designed for pedestrian and vehicle entrances, or anywhere where unrestricted level access is required.


  • Flood barrier fully recessed when not in use.
  • No restrictions to openings or access.
  • Fully automatic operation available.
  • Push-button operation available to put you in control.
  • Quick erection of large flood barrier.
  • No deep excavations required as barrier lays flat when not in use.
  • Flood barrier can be linked to alarm systems.
  • Safety systems include visual/ audible alarms when operating, dead stops activated by movement sensors.
  • Totally vandal resistant as no exposed gaskets or components.


  • Public area flood protection schemes.
  • Flood barrier for underground garage or car park entrances.
  • Anywhere where unrestricted level access is required.
  • Integrated into new developments for full time unobtrusive flood defense.






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